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Injection mould plastics

Plast Production

We produce a vast amount of injection mould plastics for technical purposes. They are all within the scale of 0 to 2.5 kilo.

Our production consists of semi-manufactures, divided into pure injection mould plastics and refined injection mould plastics:

Injection mould plastics

We produce a variety of injection mould plastics ranging from highly specialised materials to serial produced materials that form part of specialised solutions.

Here are some examples:

• Module systems for wind turbines for supervision plants
• Plastics for milk production process supervision
• Plastics for pigsty supervision
• Plastics for measuring water in cement production
• Plastics for alarm systems
• Plastics for various module systems
• Plastics for office chairs
• Plastics for the pump and engine industry
• Cover screens for tractor cabs

Refined injection mould plastics

Over the years, we have produced a long list of injection mould plastics that we have refined with primer, decorations, fitted metal parts, etc.

Examples include:

• Special plastic units with embedded metal parts
• Special plastic units with embedded socket connections
• Special plastic units with embedded cables
• Special plastic units with circuit boards
• Special plastic units with print – e.g. logo

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