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Quality control

To us, quality is a brand. We never compromise with quality and we much prefer exceeding the quality expectations rather than delivering a product that does not meet the requirements. We are certified in DS/EN ISO-9001 and UL (Underwriters Laboratories). The ISO-9001 ensures that our production meets the described quality control system 100 % and the UL ensures traceability in relation to the raw materials we use.

To us, quality means:

• Striving for best practice
• Finding the best possible solution in cooperation with the customer
• Timely deliveries
• Delivering quality products
• Being true to our word
• Being flexible and adaptable
• Applying a just-in-time production setup

We have defined the following quality policies and goals:

Quality policy

Unika Danmark A/S is a production company and every day, we strive to produce and deliver products that meet our customers’ demands. We achieve this by constantly focusing on customer satisfaction and ensuring a long-term and competitive production where we rely on development, cooperation and renewal as key components.

Quality goals

You can acquire quality measurements by contacting our Quality Manager, Steffen Toft Jensen.