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Development, restoration and measurement

In the tools department, we develop production equipment for injection mould plastics and restore all types of spare parts for production equipment. As an important part of each assignment, we offer a close cooperation with our customers, providing professional guidance as a key ingredient.

For the more than 40 years, we have existed, we have solved a host of tasks, which have varied from developing large, complex tools to restoring and polishing small tool components.

You are very welcome to contact us at: sjohansen@unika.dk or call on +45 86 65 8744 for sparring or to receive a good offer.


Our highly specialised employees have an in-depth insight into the process surrounding the development of tools. They have worked with us for many years and understand the elevated quality standard that is our signature. This ensures that all aspects of the development process are handled professionally. 


We restore all types of spare parts for production equipment, including:

• Tool components for press and punching tools
• Components for measuring tools
• Casting tools for plastics


We re-examine all our tools. Utilising our professional Zeiss measuring machines, we are able to guarantee that the component 100 % matches our customer’s specifications. The Zeiss machines are able to make controls that vary in as little as 2 my.

You can see our professional equipment here.