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Unika expands facilities

Currently, Unika is undergoing an exciting spout of development, which is one of the reasons why, we are expanding our production facilities.

Unika has just opened a new production area of 4000 square meters, a mere 225 meters from our existing address in Ans, Jutland. The tools department has expanded its raw material and sawing department and the plastics department has much more room to improve on its processes and procedures.
The synergy of the two departments is critical in relation to the solutions developed and the low downtime that our production is experiencing. The tools department solves any problems that may arise and the production has a constant, satisfactory flow. This is something that benefits our customers. At the same time, tools for the plastics department are developed in-house, which significantly decreases the development process. 

Increased environmental focus

The new facility is also part of an increased focus on the environment. Our energy consumption is reduced and the work environment is further improved. LED lighting is mounted throughout the facility, and we plan ongoing investments in hybrid machines and all-electrical machines with low noise levels and energy consumption. 

The tools department will apply servo techniques as opposed to conventional hydraulics where possible, when constructing new moulds with a core drive. Servo is easier to control, low maintenance and produces less noise than the conventional techniques.

I værktøjsafdelingen benyttes servoteknik i stedet for konventionel hydraulikteknik, hvor det, under konstruktion af nye støbeforme med kernetræk, er muligt. Servoteknik er nemmere at styre, billigere i drift, renere og mere støjsvag.